Bulk Search

Upload your list, get detailed reports back within minutes!

Stop wasting time waiting, get your data right away….

Instant Skip Tracing’s Bulk Search service lets you turn your leads into current, accurate data instantly so you can close more deals in less time.

How do you submit a Bulk Search?

Step 1

Download our Bulk Search Template and input your leads.

(Blank CSV Template to Input Your List)

Step 2

Sign In to your account. If you’re a new customer,

Upload your CSV list via your Account Dashboard.

Step 3

Upload your CSV list via your Account Dashboard.

Pricing is discounted based on quantity:

Quantity Price
1 skip $0.95
2 - 20 $0.50
21 - 50 $0.30
51+ $0.16

Instant Skip Trace Processing

When you’ve uploaded your CSV list you will be forwarded to an order page to complete your order. Your Instant Skip Tracing Bulk Search will begin processing instantly while you wait. You can download your completed results from your account dashboard within minutes.

Stop waiting. Get your data instantly.

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